Wengert Elementary School

Shining Star School

At Cyril Wengert Elementary School, every minute counts! Students and staff ROAR (Responsibility, Opportunity, Attitude, Respect) into school ready to meet the challenges of the day.

We focus on maintaining a culture of responsibility with our students. Our staff builds leaders because we are all accountable for the success of ourselves, our classroom and our school. At Wengert, our entire staff believes our students can and will succeed, and in turn the students believe in themselves.

By teaching the standards through authentic literature and relevant math strategies with a climate of high expectations for the staff and students alike, we give our students the opportunity for success. We create assessments that align to the standards and plan together to provide time for our students to catch up, move up and keep up every day. We also have a culture of achievement through individual goal setting that is carefully monitored to ensure every student is growing.

We have a growth mindset and a positive attitude!

We are a family at Wengert and we practice respect for our school, our families and our community each and every day!