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Family engagement makes a difference

Northwest Career and Technical Academy (NWCTA) believes family engagement and parental involvement in schools not only helps to create a sense of community in the school, but that it can make a significant difference in student achievement. To welcome and encourage parents to be a part of the school, NWCTA hosts a variety of campus events that invite parents to come to school.

In January, NWCTA hosted its 6th annual Bring Your Parents to School Days. A total of 186 parents came to school for this year’s event, attending classes with their students. Some were able to come only one day, but several were here for both days.

In February, NWCTA is also hosting its first ever Take a Class with Us Days. A number of teachers have volunteered to teach a class specifically to parents, with topics as varied as financial planning, the drought in the southwest, planning a party, AP and college readiness, archery and stuffing a chicken (to name just a few). More than 50 parents have signed up to attend at least one class, and a number of parents have signed up to attend classes all day on both days. We hope that the event becomes even more popular in the coming years.