Mojave High School

Large Graduation Increase

After raising our graduation rates from 42% (in 2011) to 85% (in 2017), we continued to brainstorm how we might get 100% of our Rattlers to make the official commitment to graduate. We want our students to constantly think about graduation and remain focused on making that walk across the stage.

For the first time in Mojave’s history, we held a Commitment to Graduate ceremony, in partnership with Jostens, to celebrate the future success of the Class of 2021! All 600 of our freshman students had the opportunity to hear a motivational speaker, try on a graduation gown, and make their commitment official with a signature on to their class’s banner.

Students loved the concept so much that we designed special ceremonies for other grade levels, as well, resulting in the Class of 2018 signing a graduation gown that a very special member of the senior class will wear at graduation. Each class’s visible and tangible commitment to graduate is posted in the Cafeteria for all students to see every day.