McCaw STEAM Academy

National Title I Distinguished School

Gordon McCaw STEAM Academy has increased student achievement through unique goal setting and celebrations. Teachers guide students to take ownership of learning through daily goal setting.

When students reach a goal the celebration begins! When students accomplish a goal, such as completing their grade level curriculum benchmark in reading, they celebrate by wearing a cape for the day. When students wear the cape, peers and teachers acknowledge the student for hard work and offer congratulations.

Students develop a sense of accomplishment, pride and self-confidence. Red, black and blue capes represent three school-wide benchmark goals in math and reading. The students were so motivated to reach benchmark goals that we created the “golden cape” for students who accomplish all their grade level academic goals.

At McCaw, our families and community take pride in our school’s academic goal setting and help guide students in becoming positive and productive citizens. This unique goal setting celebration has developed self-confidence in students and provided students with a rigorous academic foundation driven by problem solving, discovery and exploratory learning with a passion toward student achievement.

It is through collaboration, engagement and culture that McCaw was recognized as a 5-Star School for exceeding expectations for all students and subgroups, and National Title I Distinguished School for academic excellence two consecutive years in a row.