Indian Springs Elementary and Middle School

Shining Star School

In Indian Springs, our theme is “PRIDE!”

We want all students, staff, parents, and community members to take pride in everything they do. We run several incentive programs to continually motivate students to improve their performance and attendance, and we take full advantage of our unique K-12 setting and small school environment.

All struggling students are assigned a staff member as a mentor, and each student, regardless of their personal situation, have at least one (and often multiple) trusted adults they can go to for any needs they may have.

We also have created and maintain a “Sunshine Room.” In this room, we collect everything from clothes, school supplies, personal hygiene supplies and even food. The items are donated by personnel from Creech Air Force Base; any student who has a need may have access to any of the items in the Sunshine Room.

Finally, we have a very strong belief that treating others with respect is of the utmost importance. We are constantly celebrating diversity, kindness, and peace. We even have a club called “You Matter – Be Kind” to help us constantly spread kindness throughout our campus. In addition, we have a staff full of outstanding educators who are fully invested in meeting the social and emotional needs of all students to ensure that every person who walks into our school feels safe and respected.