Helen M. Smith Elementary School

Shining Star School

Helen Marie Smith Elementary School is a successful school due to the people that come to work everyday with the intention of making a difference in the lives of students. With the support of parents and families who are invested in the school, the employees in the building are able to raise the school to prominence.

Staff members work to build positive relationships with students and they are trusted to make decisions that affect outcomes both academically and socially based upon what is necessary. With the flexibility to teach lessons that utilize their talents and incredible abilities, teachers provide instruction in a variety of formats that focus on standards and engage students in learning the material at a deeper level.

Staff continue to improve their practices to ensure that students are taught at a high level and meet the expectations set for them. Collaboration with colleagues across grade levels and within their own department allows for educators to consistently develop their knowledge which enhances the outcomes of all students. By incorporating the “Growth Mindset” model, students understand that making mistakes is an integral part of learning and that there is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet.

At Helen M. Smith, the educators are making a difference and the outcomes validate their hard work, which proves they are doing what is best for the students and community. The truly are Smith “Superstars.”