Hayes Elementary School

4-Star Shining Star School

We’ve all met those students who fly under the radar and simply blend in with the crowd. Sadly, these are the students who might be suffering silently with burdens from home and feel isolated from others at school.

In efforts to build relationships and make connections with our students, Keith C. and Karen W. Hayes Elementary School staff implemented the Hero Tree initiative. All staff members were tasked with identifying a couple of students who may need a little extra kindness and attention from a trusted staff member.

The students’ names were hung on Hero Trees and each staff member picked a couple of names. In so doing, the staff members committed to covertly going the extra mile to get to know their Hero Tree students who might otherwise have gone overlooked.

Friendships between students and staff, who may have never interacted with one another, were forged. Our staff’s efforts to ensure that all students feel supported and connected have resulted in improved student attendance and increased student achievement.

Without a doubt, our staff’s dedication to ensuring that all students know that they matter and are cared for at Hayes Elementary School is the reason we earned the recognitions of being a 4-Star and Shining Star School.