Coronado High School

Preparing students for success

Coronado High School is thrilled to credit our comprehensive high school 5-Star School designation to each of our students with an active “Every Cougar Counts!” campaign. While focusing on district initiatives to prepare each student for college and career readiness, Coronado has moved its “Excellence by Design” motto toward support systems that address the needs of ALL our students.

Whether it’s the 80 student club and activity groups, the 10 Career and Technical Education programs, the 28 Advanced Placement courses, the award-winning performing arts groups, the targeted mentoring programs or the championship sports teams Coronado offers; teachers, students and our community work together to create an academic environment focused on each student’s success.

In addition to these excellent opportunities for students, Coronado is fostering an environment where students’ mental and emotional health is supported. Social workers, teachers, counselors, health staff and administration educate about, support and promote a school culture of well-balanced students who recognize high school is a time to strive and thrive, not struggle.

At Coronado, the design for each student’s success prepares them to be true C.O.U.G.A.R.S: CITIZENS with OPPORTUNITY, UNITED in GENEROSITY, focused on ACADEMICS and RESPONSIBILITY to create a more excellent SOCIETY.