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Charles and Phyllis Frias Elementary School

Communication is key

Charles and Phyllis Frias Elementary School has increased student achievement by maintaining a student-centered focus in all decision making. Academically, we have strategically planned professional development focused on rigorous instruction within tier one, from student engagement and discourse, to unwrapping math and English Language Arts standards and developing a growth mindset. The master schedule allows teachers to work together as a grade level to plan for instruction.

Communication is key at Frias. A school-wide system of electronic communication is used at the classroom and school level. Decision making is a shared responsibility. Input on budget, the school performance plan, and hiring of new staff are always welcome and open for everyone on staff to participate.

Our PTO supports the work at Frias by planning monthly parent engagement activities, monthly celebrations of the staff and by having a positive, collaborative relationship with the staff and administration. The Frias PTO has fundraised over $120,000 in the past four years. This has allowed the school to purchase necessary technology upgrades, such as iPads, Smartboards, Chromebooks, and a fully functioning literacy lab with materials to support the classroom. Frias Elementary embodies the idea that we must work together as a team to ensure that every child receives a high quality education, each and every day.