Cahlan Elementary School

Shining Star School

One of Marion E. Cahlan Elementary School’s main reasons for success is collegiality. Our staff’s commitment to work together, across the grade levels, helps ensure our students are academically prepared for the upcoming curriculum and expectations.

During professional interactions, teachers, administration and strategists have honest conversations on current data trends gleaned from various data sources. Furthermore, we keep the goal of fostering successful students at the forefront our minds and strive to do what is best for our students.

We, as a staff, would be remiss to not include our student’s drive to succeed academically and socially as a key contributor to our success. From the day each student enrolls, our teachers foster a positive attitude that everyone is capable of learning, and our students carry that with them throughout their career at Cahlan Elementary School.

Education is a team effort wherein students, parents, teachers, strategists and administration come together for the common goal which is increasing student achievement for our 21st century learners.