Advanced Technologies Academy - We Love Our Schools 2019

Advanced Technologies Academy

Preparing students for college and career

Advanced Technologies Academy (A-TECH) currently ranks as the #1 Best Nevada High School by U.S. News and World Report and was selected as a National Blue Ribbon School three times in its 25-year history.

A-TECH continues to innovate to meet the demands of a diverse community so that all students are prepared for post-secondary college and career options. For example, A-TECH has doubled the number of AP exams while maintaining average scores 21 percent higher than the global
average by focusing on Tier I instruction, revising prerequisites, adding new AP courses, and holding a family AP Night.

AP teachers are also encouraged to become AP Readers and lead AP Professional Learning Communities to develop new insights into the course and exam. In addition, A-TECH’s math department has adopted a flexible seating model using iPads that allows for greater student discourse and differentiated learning. Also, all students are required to complete an extensive Senior Capstone Project that includes a research paper, presentation, and project related to their CTE program area.

A-TECH understands the importance of extracurricular activities and several programs expanded including the Board Game Club, Cybersecurity, Digital Game Design, Science Olympiad, and Speech and Debate.

A-TECH is proud of its achievements and will continue to strive for well-rounded students who are prepared for the 21 st century.